We are dedicated to develop new and improved methods for luminescence dating, and to make new applications possible.

In our research, we concentrate on the following themes:

  • Dating young (Holocene) and poorly bleached deposits
  • Developing new luminescence dating applications in soil science
  • Developing luminescence methods to infer sediment transport processes

Ongoing PhD research projects include:

  • TRAILS: Developing luminescence methods to identify and trace nourished sand in the Wadden Sea. (PhD candidate Anna-Maartje de Boer - funded through NWO programme 'Living Labs in the Dutch Delta')

  • EARTHWORK: Luminescence dating of earthworks; man-made landscape modifications in the Netherlands. Development and application of feldspar single grain methods to date mixed and poorly-bleached (anthropogenic) deposits. (PhD candidates Jelle Moree & Jungyu Choi - funded through NWO programma 'Archeologie Telt')